Best 3G Broadband Deals

3G mobile broadband sim from 3Currently, the best all round deal we find suitable for most mobile broadband data users is this great 3G SIM offer from 3...

Supplied as a pre-registered SIM with 3GB data valid for 3 months from when it is first used, it is an ideal way of saving money for occasional data users who would otherwise get poor value from a contract SIM.


Currently priced at only £11.49, it is cheaper than most monthly fees, so a huge saving can be made over standard 1GB - 3GB per month contracts by simply keeping one or two spare SIMs ready to use when the data runs out on your existing card.

The 3 3G Sim is a standard size SIM suitable for any 3G handset that is on the Three network or is unlocked.  It can be used in external USB dongles, Mifi Devices, 3G Tablets Laptops with built-in 3G cards and 3G Routers.

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Our Top Tip! 

If you put one of these SIM cards in an Android 2.2 (or higher) tablet, you can not only browse the Internet and check your email - but you can share the 3G connection over WiFi to other devices such as iPods, iPads, Laptops and other WiFi devices!

This can give a great deal more value for money from the single Sim and gives a lot more benefit than a simple "MiFi" device.  One suitable tablet is this basic 7" model with 3G and Wifi built in and it's REALLY good value:

7" Android Tablet with 3G and WiFi - Click Here

or a somewhat higher spec alternative:

Viewsonic ViewPad 7" Android Tablet with 3G and WiFi - Click Here


iPad Users Please Note!:

To use in a 3G iPAD, a "Micro-SIM" is required.  An alternative Micro-SIM product for iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G users can be found here at a similar price:

3G Micro-Sim with 3GB Data for iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G - Click Here


Alternatively, the normal Sim can be adapted to the Micro-SIM format with a simple tool that can be found very cheaply HERE and includes 2 adapters to use the Micro-SIM in a standard SIM slot:

SIM to Micro SIM cutter tool - Click Here